Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Difference between debit and credit

I made this poster to help me to remember what debits and credits are and the differences between them. I made this poster using power point. I added smart art for the arrows and used bullet point to show what the letters stand for. This type of learning is different from my prefer style of learning. This style is kinaesthetic and ,y prefer learning style is reading and writing.

I had a couple of problems. The first program was how I added another arrow because when I first inserted the smart art there was only three arrows. To solve this problem I had to add a bullet point and put it at the side to make it into an arrow. My second problem was uploading the poster to my blog. I solved this problem by using snipping tool to select the full poster and copying and pasting it over to a new post on my blog.

After doing this poster I should use it to help me revise from in the future.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mind Map created by alysonbooker_ with GoConqr

I created this mind map to me learn and understand what the accounting equation is. Also how debit and credit affects an account.

I enjoyed creating this even though I prefer reading and writing notes to learn. I did a bit of my preferred learning because I used google to find the information I needed to complete the task.

I only had one problem doing this task because I had already made an account with GoConqr but it wouldn't let me sign in. To solve this problem I had to create another account with GoConqr using a different user name.

My Preferred Learning

I am a reading and writing learner.

This means I prefer reading books or leaflets and making notes as I go along. I would also like to use these strategies to learn:

* Using textbooks 
* Using internet to search information 
* Listing key statement 
* Making notes in my own words
* Doing practice questions

I don’t really like using apps to study. I find when I use apps to study the information doesn’t sink in properly.